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1. Stays of 3 weeks or longer, have required midway courtesy clean.

2. There is a strict no party rule at this property. If you host a party or incur a noise complaint you will lose your security deposit and your reservation will be cancelled immediately without refund.

3. Smoking is not permitted anywhere at this property. If you smoke, or we find evidence of someone smoking, you will be charged a $500 cleaning fee.

4. Check-Out is at 10:00 am. If you are over 30 minutes late for check out, there is a $100 fee to pay for the maid's time. If you are over 1 hour late, you'll lose your security deposit. Late checkouts and early arrivals are allowed upon approval, if you are charged an additional fee, these fees are nonrefundable.

5. Lost Keys will result in a $50 fee

6. Missing towels will result in a replacement fee of: $5 washcloth, $10 hand towels, $20 large towels, $30 beach towels.

7. You will be assessed a $250 for any of the following: - Rips, stains and/or tears to furniture, sheets, comforters, pillows or any other bedding item - Stains or scratches on the walls, damage to electrical plugs, missing TV and/or appliance cables - If we suspect that you have thrown a party, i.e., excessive garbage, excessive stains on floors, walls, complaints from neighbors or other guest and/or any other signs that a party was held in the unit

8. Additionally: (in addition to the security deposit) A $500 fee will be charged if any appliance, TV and/or hot tub is damaged and/or removed from its place, i.e., scratches, dents, holes, missing parts or broken pieces.

9. Please be respectful of your neighbors and limit noise or activity before 8:00 a.m. and after 10:00 p.m. 10. If you move the patio furniture, we ask you to please do place it back where you found it.

11. THERE IS WHITE CARPET in this townhouse. Please treat out property like you would your own. SHOES OFF and food/drinks ONLY in the kitchen dining room- you will be charged a carpet cleaning fee of $200 of you do not abide by this.

12. Please do not park any car in the drive way, street parking and inside garage only. This is an HOA rule we must abide by.

13 Please note while we created this space with families in mind, we do not provide additional small children precautions... the spa does not have fence around it, please watch your children closely!! We created this space for you to enjoy and are eager to host you and provide a space where lasting memories are made.

We are happy to provide clarification to any questions you have about our space or the house rules, please don't hesitate to ask.


Warmly, Savannah + Anthony

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